The Mini Metal Coffee Bean Grinder
The Mini Metal Coffee Bean Grinder
The Mini Metal Coffee Bean Grinder
The Mini Metal Coffee Bean Grinder
The Tiny Little Shop On Earth

The Mini Metal Coffee Bean Grinder

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Taiwanese local small business series, it’s absolutely a paradise for stationary lovers. A fine coffee charms, the handcrafted lettering is just full of delicate texture, it could be used as a bookmark, or could be hung on the carry-on items literarily.

Material: Brass

Full of tear in Melpomene’s eyes, “You idiot, you should not ask such a sensitive question! If any human hears it, that would certainly evolve into a blockbuster tragedy I am sure! You want me offering flowers for you?”

Thalia keeps her beautiful smile like forever, “Yes humans are strange, however we are always excited about the unknowns, isn’t it good?”

Um..Poseidon chooses to be silent about humans. Melpomene and Thalia? They hold their own sets to live with humans. No matter joy or sadness, it would be a long play on stages for their lives. Simply living in the moment? To laugh, to cry, it all goes lucky!

How about the tiny little creature? Its eyes rolled, was not going to reply any questions, as it heard the metals..the metallic particles were summoning……”Oh wow metallic particles! Is that the alloy of copper and zinc? And ironstone?”

Thalia got curious, “You’re talking about humans’ brass, ironstone or something? You’ve started to collect parts for your spaceship? Heading home?”

Melpomene tried not to cry, “Oh yes we got heaps here! Let’s fix your spaceship and go home!!! Earth is not safe at all!!!”

The adventure was just kicked off, the tiny little creature truly felt a bit nervous, but hey! Go stepping out of the box and keep looking for the parts at the same time, not that bad?

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