The Celestial Body of Piscean
The Celestial Body of Piscean
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The Celestial Body of Piscean

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A designer accessories brand from Taiwan, covers with a mystical concept, which combining Nature / Celestial Bodies / Energy all together. Inspired by the 12 constellations, they created a brand new geometric series, making good use of quartz and brass, to shape up different stylish looks for you!

Zodiac sign: Pisces
Material: Amethyst, Brass

Ocean, occupies 70% of the Earth’s surface. Fishes, there are countless species on Earth. And those people who have zodiac relationship with fishes? They are the easiest ones to be conquered…and yes, the quote from the chubby fluffy ethnic group. Simply being cute as normal, or even do nothing..NOTHING!!! Whatever..beautiful good food would be served automatically……haa..although she wears a pretty headband but you got a piece of watermelon as a hat?

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