Conversation with others

Kept eating..kept eating..thanks Mr Pancake for his generosity, the tiny little creatures were eventually integrated back into one. Furry Ball and everybody just couldn't stop laughing out loud, "Haha you coffee monster! Think you would split into millions so easily because of caffeine overloaded, so you have to keep eating all the time! Else, you would get into trouble with those human beings!" Yes you're right! Oh wait.. who are you? What's human being?

It was insane when 100000 tiny little creatures kept eating for hours? The normal tiny little creature just got back with consciousness, and surrounded by everybody..Gosh! Sooo many furry fluffy sweeties in different sizes..super cute!!! However, they looked so different? The most kindness smile appeared on Furry Ball's face again, "It would be my pleasure to introduce my friends to you!"

On this beautiful Earth, there is kind of living organisms named human beings (Homo Sapiens). And everyone here came from different planets out there in space, human beings named them ANIMALS. They are still trying hard to hide their alien identities, and to learn getting along with mankind. Everyone got their own experiences about humans, therefore they often shared their opinions here..

Shibata Family thinks humans were their best friends ever, while everyone else thinks we should keep a distance from all humankind. On the other hand, the chubby fluffy ethnic group got a big big plan…..

Every furry fluffy sweeties got their own thoughts, curious tiny little creature kept listening. Humankind claims to have high intelligence, what exactly is it? Should the tiny little creature be friend with them? Or……?

The tiny little creature was just too excited to go thinking of Human Beings. Meanwhile, the leader of the chubby fluffy ethnic group came out of the group, and gave his valuable advice with a deep deep voice, "If you really wanna figure out your own answer, you have to experience it all by yourself! Just go, kid!"

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