Caffeine saves our lives

The colorful stars transferred us to that beautiful planet, however, a thing named AIR there makes us feel suffocated…… death..kept struggling, and we bumped into something.. What...What was it? That aroma..covered up everything, completely rearranged the suspended particles in the air. The suffocated feeling disappeared?

Lucky us, we met this magical bean. That aroma could make everyone becomes obsessive, our central nervous systems just get high in sec. There is NO SUFFOCATION in the dictionary anymore, so grateful for its existence. And it became the significant life ingredient of the tiny little creature.

While the tiny little creature was still enjoying the aroma, a furry ball in blue coat, happily gave a cup of black drink. It diffuses an aroma same like the magical bean, the tiny little creature just couldn't stop once started drinking it..

The furry ball doesn't know where the tiny little creature came from, but obviously they are both coffee lovers, he was so excited to share everything about the magic bean. The tiny little creature concentrated hard to all stories, meanwhile just forgot that we were standing on a strange planet that we had never been to……

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