Hey you're hungry?

Um..kept drinking that dark drink, our every inch of blood vessels were just full of caffeine, we got too high too soon? The self division function was out of control.. 100000 tiny little creatures were speedy cloned in 1 second……Furry Ball got scared..but still, we have to help integrating them back into one! We need large amounts of nutrients! Who could help us? Please…huh? You are..?

At this moment, the tiny little creatures need large amount of ascorbic acid, also known as Vitamin C. Furry Ball immediately jumped back to his backyard, which filled up fruits and veggies. After, lots of fruits rolled down…100000 tiny little creatures also started rolling……Let's eat..and take in vitamin C as much as we could! However..it was too sour?!!

Need some sweetness to balance the taste buds? Furry Ball jumped again on his backyard, and there was a cave in hemisphere, which made with bricks and cement? Furry Ball stepped on the bricks with a special pattern..kind of password? Hereafter, smell good! Smell sooo good!!! Something was moving there! What? A moving..pan..cake?

Mr Big-teeth Pancake, real foodie, loves eating sodium rich food, especially pizza..his motto: Taking in high sodium could balance our body fluid and blood pressure! So kind of him, generously shared his great food bank, yes that cave full of food aroma. Eventually, the tiny little creature got saved…..Come on! Let's go and just eat all you can eat!!!

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