When we travel to the outer space..

Jumped into the mysterious starry tunnel, immediately the tiny little creature met 4 shiny little things in the dark. 2 pairs of chunky twins, although they were quite annoying all the time, at least they pointed out the direction for us? Hey! Is that… is that another living planet? And..a little satellite?

2 pairs of chunky twins, kept arguing about the directions…actually it doesn't really matter to the tiny little creature, as it's always okay to get lost. Getting lost is always funny to meet new interesting things, voice of mystery: Like these 4 teeny tiny things right in front of us?

Saying good-bye to the lovely chunky twins, with just a small turn, the tiny little creature flowed into the dark again. All the colorful stars came and rounded us up, it was just too amazing!!! But what? We were transferred to……the outer space?

We were still amazed by the transfer, however then we just couldn't take our eyes off this beautiful planet right there. She is angelic in green and blue, and there is a little natural satellite following at aside, small but bright, so bright…..

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